Key Features

Trinetra iWay
GPS Tracking

Track real-time position of the
person/asset on the cloud

Trinetra iWay
Digital Mapping

Capture Speed, Location &
other GPS info on a map

Trinetra iWay
Distance Travelled

Measure distance travelled
and the route taken

Trinetra iWay
Locations Visited

Track Date/Time-stamp of visits to
custom Points of Interest (POIs)

Trinetra iWay
Time Scheduling

Schedule visits & track the time
deviation of the person/asset

Trinetra iWay
Enterprise Integration

Integrate with your existing ERP
& enterprise applications

Why Choose Us

  • Full Intellectual Property ownership
  • Integrated Mobile App & Cloud Solution
  • Proprietary protocol for security
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Over-the-Air upgrade
  • Proven Domain Expertise
  • Award Winning User Friendly Approach
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