Trinetra iWay
Trinetra iWay

Key Features

Trinetra iWay
Graphical Dashboard

Know about your key aspect’s instantly over graphical view

Trinetra iWay
Instant Start

Just log in with URL, no additional software’s needed

Trinetra iWay
Team Management

Over cloud Know about your team’s real time information and details

Trinetra iWay
Schedule Management

Schedule jobs and know the status and progress of the person/asset

Trinetra iWay
Professional Reports

Reports with preloaded graphical templates which can be used instantly

Trinetra iWay
Enterprise Integration

Integrate with your existing ERP
& enterprise applications

Why Choose Us

  • Full Intellectual Property ownership
  • Integrated Mobile App & Cloud Solution
  • Proprietary protocol for security
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Over-the-Air upgrade
  • Proven Domain Expertise
  • Award Winning User Friendly Approach
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