Improved User Experience with Push Notification for Scheduled Jobs

Improved User Experience with Push Notification for Scheduled Jobs

Effectively managing a workforce of any size requires field force management solution in place to avoid lost time and productivity. An integral part of this system is having the right solution in place to track time, absences, and properly assign executives. Trinetra iway’s workforce management solutions allow you to forecast tasks and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives, capture time worked, absences and other data.

Recently we have improved our application with enhanced user experience to track schedule adherence along with push notifications to notify executives on the scheduled jobs. This helps on-field executives to know the job status and new job updation.

Our Solution helps businesses to

  • Meet strategic objectives by tying utilization of workforce to organizational goals and business demand
  • Simplify administration through mobile application
  • Reduce workforce costs by efficiently scheduling, monitoring and managing workforce

Gain strategic business insights with Trinetra iWay mobile app, to know more in detail visit our website or Leave us an enquiry.