Product Overview

Product Overview

field force automation AppTrinetra iWay uses industry-leading mobile & web technologies to bring you the highest quality of Mobile field force solutions in real time.

Once Trinetra iWay Mobile App is downloaded & installed, relevant information from the app will be transmitted in real-time over GPRS to our cloud servers. The authorized users will have access to login and view data on a web-based cloud platform integrated with digital maps.

Trinetra iWay cloud platform has features like Dashboard, Schedule Management, Monitor, History, Landmarks, Alarms & more. Intelligent reports are available for analysis and decision making, which can be exported to pdf, word or excel.

The Key features are listed below :

  • Schedule Management– Know real-time status and progress of the tasks assigned to the on field executives
  • Digital Mapping – Capture Location & other GPS info on map
  • Locations Visited – Know Date/Time-stamp of visits to custom Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Time Scheduling – Schedule visits & assess the time deviation of the person/asset
  • Enterprise Integration – Integrate with your existing ERP & enterprise applications
  • Custom Reports – Business intelligence reporting in-line with your KPIs
  • Alerts on mobile battery Low, switch on/off, GPS on/off
  • Email / SMS notifications to the respective stakeholders

Applications for Trinetra mobile app & web platform are wide & varied including :

  • Sales Team Management
  • Performance Management
  • Client Profile Management
  • Mobile Order Management
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Reminder Mechanism
  • Instant Feedback
  • Sales Activity Reports

Custom mobile app development & Integration can be done including:

  • Customer/Dealer Sales visit details
  • Review Inventory
  • Enable order placement in real time
  • Updated visit reports
  • Record answers for Survey questions & Much more
  • Integration with other ERPs / any third party software