Sales Team Empowerment

Sales Team Empowerment

Sales Force Automation solutionToday technology has majorly shifted to mobile, so does the Sales Force Automation also shifted to Mobile Sales Force Automation, with an aim to simplify tasks associated with sales, reduce costs and to make easy implementation.

Trinetra iWay Sales force automation solution for businesses strengthen and streamline sales processes by enabling sales personnel to stay ahead in the competition by bagging more clients. Our high end mobile app for Sales force automation has been designed in a way to help Mobile field force carrying useful information on clients, outstanding orders, details of the stocks and their availability also receiving instant feedback and all other required information including latest trends on their hands.

Trinetra iWay best suits for sales force management and monitoring by providing detailed report on the entire sales cycle starting from Automation of daily tasks, receiving input of client orders, contracts, client details, sales history, record maintenance and sales forecasting etc., these benefits are only just few.

Usage and Application of Trinetra iWay are wide & varied, empowering and optimizing a company’s “Sales Performance DNA”. Trinetra iWay also creates a baseline to accurately measure sales progress, track business performance and maintain high levels of employee engagement & much more.

Key features include:

Journey Planning

Most effective feature helps in scheduling & journey planning, that improves field force efficiency and ensures on-time visit to client place.

Job status Assessment

Seamless feature helps in providing control to business owners over which the on-field executives ca be monitored and their job status can be assessed.

Opportunity Management

Feature improves the sales win rate by prioritizing the right opportunities and optimizing activities for each individual customer.

Pipeline Management

Systematic approach taken care in selling a product or service. The sales pipeline is helpful in showing you exactly where the money is in your sales process.

Sales Development/​Prospecting

Accelerate business prospecting processes and convert more leads into valuable customers and also helps in monitoring sales prospects that converts more leads into sales pipeline.