Service Team Empowerment

Service Team Empowerment

Field Service Management SolutionsEvery customer today wishes to have what they want when they want it. In these scenario field technicians takes important role and not management or executives, service team are in the hot seat to keep customer satisfaction ratings high.

Trinetra iWay offer businesses with integrated, proactive, and strategic Field Service Management solutions, we make it easier for our clients to provide their customers with end‑to‑end visibility from issue to resolution.

Trinetra iWay consists of an intuitive and simple mobile app along with a powerful web platform with features like Task Schedule, Status Assessment, Customer Database Management, Field Movement Summary, service Visit trail, Instant feedbacks & much more. Intelligent reports are available for analysis and provides the field happenings virtually, which can be exported to pdf, word or excel. This innovative combination of Mobile App & our award-winning cloud-based platform helps businesses to gain end- to-end real-time visibility on service team and provides valuable insights to assist them on field.

Applications for Trinetra iWay are Wide & Varied, including Service Force Automation, Service Team Empowerment, Mobile Service Efficiency Management & much more.

Key features include:

Service Call Prioritization

Greatly helps in customer support regardless of industry, prioritizes customer service and support calls, manages support calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Support team

Dedicated support team with proactive updates, take the stress out of on-site executives on work and task management.

Professional client handling

With this feature business can achieve the highest level of client satisfaction as the solution streamlines and helps to gain absolute faith in the standard of work.

Local Presence

Local presence works to get prospects to pick up the phone, reach the customer and offer solutions on-time this effectively builds trust and improves business ROI.