Software Features

Software Features

Schedule Management

Mobile Workforce management Software

Scheduling Tasks, knowing the Assets status and progress made towards the tasks assigned are the main pain point for the End Customers. Trinetra iWay provides client with an innovative Mobility solution using the Trinetra iWay Mobile Application.

Schedule Management


Alerts & Notifications

Intelligent alert notification

Trinetra iWay provides complete Alert Information that suits every client needs, there are chances that the Assets Can Switch Off the mobile Phone/ Turn the GPS OFF option/ Change the Network settings to OFF. Trinetra iWay Mobile App is capable of providing all the above intelligent Alert Notifications to the end users.

Intelligent alert notification


Landmark and Geozone

Mobile Field resource tracking

Trinetra iWay Mobile app provides an innovative Software Feature “Landmark” and “Geozone” where the Latitude / Longitude of the Location can be created as a Landmark or Geozone in the application. The Landmark/ Geozone marked can be a Client /Customer Location with Pick up or Drop point of an Asset. Location/ Important Delivery Locations can be imported directly in to our Trinetra application with ease…

real time tracking

Powerful & Intelligent Reports

Mobile field force solutions

Trinetra iWay provides extensive Reports for Managing the Assets / Vehicle on the move. Trinetra gives the complete Standard Reports to Users where they will be in a position to take quick decision on Asset Location, speed, alerts, schedule deviations to improve the Organization and reduces cost. Trinetra iWay App is built in such a way to provide any customized Reports based on the End Client’s need

Workforce scheduling tracking software




The The Configuration section provides the complete management for the Users to avail best of the Trinetra iWay application functionality. The Users can manage the complete Assets Settings in the Configuration section which includes various features that suits End Client requirement.