Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

mobile field force managementThe timely delivery of the products is an important parameter for any Transport/Logistic Industry.

All the delivered products will have a Bar code tag attached to the Product and the main pain point of this industry is to capture the information whether the product has delivered to the location.

Trinetra iWay App can be customized in such a way to provide the optimal solution for this Industry. The delivery executives need to scan the bar code reader using the Trinetra iWay Customized Mobile Application installed in the mobile phone. During the process of bar code scanning it will reflect the confirmation message once the executive scanned the Bar code in the delivered product.

Solution Offerings

  • Integration of Bar Code Readers with ease
  • Time Management
  • Reduces Manual monitoring time for the Administrators
  • Date and Timestamps of visits to the point of interest/ overall movement
  • Schedule & track the time deviation of the person/asset
  • Alerts on mobile battery Low
  • Email / SMS notifications to the respective stakeholders