Why Trinetra iWay application?

Trinetra iWay mobile application empowers field workers to have direct access to order information and work data from a handheld device which helps improve productivity and work efficiency.

What is the purpose of “Work Force management application?

Work Force Management application serves companies that send sales persons or service technicians into the field by helping them automate scheduling, time sheets, field data collection, and dispatching etc. also the application take care of client management, job management and payment for the jobs. Using such software make your work easy, accurate and fast.

Do I need special handheld devices to use Trinetra iWay app in the field?

Trinetra iWay Mobile Workforce application is available as a native mobile app for Android devices. So no special hand-held devices are necessary to access in the field.

Why is mobile workforce management important?

Simply put, businesses cannot stay competitive today without using technology well. Customer expectations continue to rise, anchored by fast-moving companies whose success hinges on using technology to create exceptional experiences. As a result, every company that wants to stay competitive must consider new approaches and systems to adapt.

Which are the handsets that support Trinetra iWay application?

Trinetra iWay is presently available on Android mobile phones and would soon be available on other leading platforms as well.

How does Trinetra iWay work on mobile?

Trinetra iWay app is designed to work with 3G/4G data connection (i.e.) GPRS. Ensure ‘background data services’ is enabled for data synchronization. Location capture is done with the help of network signal of the service provider. In areas where signals are not available, GPS, if available on the mobile phone, can be turned on. If GPS is also not available, status updates on activities can still be done on the mobile application by the field personnel.

Which departments within an organisation would Trinetra iWay app be useful for?

Virtually in any department where two-way non-voice communication is practiced/to be practiced. Trinetra iWay app would be more useful in the following departments – Sales, Service, Payment Collection/disbursal etc.,

How can WFM contribute to the customer experience?

While one of the main drivers behind WFM is productivity, it helps to improve the customer experience. Customers value a personalized approach today more than ever, and with WFM managers can optimize and prioritize tasks, schedules to provide quality service thus improving satisfaction.

How about data security?

You and your device’s access to the Trinetra iWay application service will be accomplished via a secure links and all of your data will be protected through our secured backup procedures.