Trinetra is a leading provider of Field Service Management (FSM) software, offering a dedicated application tailored for the Telecommunication industry. Our FSM solution optimizes on-site and field operations, providing a robust tool for Telecommunication businesses to achieve service excellence.

With advanced functionalities, our FSM solution ensures real-time tracking and an intuitive interface, streamlining the management of field activities, service requests, inventory, and finances.

The real-time tracking feature empowers Telecommunication businesses to monitor resource locations, manage schedules, and track project progress promptly, ensuring a streamlined approach to service delivery.

Our field service application adeptly handles Annual Maintenance Contracts, order tracking, renewals, and preventative maintenance tasks tailored to the unique needs of the Telecommunication industry.

Utilizing role-based permissions, our software ensures secure data access, granting authorized personnel controlled information access. Encompassing customer management features, including data handling, service requests, feedback management, and customizable service reports, our solution empowers Telecommunication businesses to boost efficiency, deliver superior service, reduce costs, and achieve heightened customer satisfaction in this dynamic industry.


GPS Technology & Online Tracking

Leverage GPS technology for precise location tracking and online monitoring of assets.

Mobile App Feature

Access the system on the go with a mobile app for real-time updates and management.

Seamless Communication

Foster seamless communication among team members for enhanced collaboration.

Job Status Updates

Receive real-time updates on job statuses, promoting transparency and efficiency.


Attendance & Leave Management

Efficiently manage workforce attendance and leave, ensuring streamlined HR processes.

Expense Management

Track and manage expenses seamlessly, providing financial control and transparency.

Invoicing & Payment Management

Generate invoices, track payments, and manage financial transactions for improved cash flow.

Schedule Management

Organize and optimize schedules effectively, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Receive instant alerts and notifications for critical updates, enhancing responsiveness.

Instant Customer Feedback

Gather real-time feedback to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Order Management

Efficiently handle and track orders, ensuring smooth processing and timely delivery.

Real-time Location Update with Availability Status

Keep track of real-time location updates for resources, optimizing their availability.

Dashboard & Reports

Access comprehensive dashboards and reports for data-driven decision-making.

Trinetra iWay’s solutions for the Telecommunication industry integrate advanced features and benefits, providing a competitive edge in a sector where efficiency and real-time communication are paramount. Whether it’s managing workforce, tracking resources, or handling financial transactions, our platform ensures a seamless and optimized experience, ultimately leading to improved productivity and client satisfaction in the dynamic Telecommunication landscape.

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