Instant Customer feedback with Star Ratings & Photograph

Instant Customer feedback with Star Ratings and Photograph


Progress Update in Real-Time

With the Trinetra iWay software application, remove all manual field work processes and update progress, needs or obstacles of daily tasks in a single click anytime. Using this software recurring calls to field managers regarding service tickets or sales orders, printing documents or filling up forms are eliminated.


Schedules and Notifications on the fly

Field staff can see their entire day plan in hands. They can also adjust plans due to various factors like traffic and new data from different sources and the management flexibly. They can follow their updated plan and complete tasks quickly and effectively. Requirements of field worker can change while at field, schedule and notification feature in the software supports executives to work dynamically and complete their tasks. The process is seamless for both the managers and field executives. Managers and the field executive can interact conveniently through push messages and notifications in app.


Customer Feedback on the spot

The field force app makes the job paperless. Using this mobile/ web based app field workers can get customer feedback on the spot. The customer can even give star ratings for the executive’s job at the same time. The app not only improves productivity and decreases time consumption for a task completion, it also enables better operational cycle.


Capture photos and send

The task of a field executive can be often difficult to be put into words. So, the best way is to provide visual evidence or record with the help of the app. Utilizing this software service team can take the photo, edit it and add notes to make it simple for the management to understand. This info could be critical in resolving issues sometimes. It helps to leave a track-record of the task’s progress and lifecycle. The photos can be attached to reports too.


Digitized Documentation

The field force management software ensures a paperless process with all documents, forms and information needed are in digital form, are safe and on the cloud for easy access whenever or wherever needed. The app allows raw data to be turned into visual info and reports, as well use it for planning and forecast, eliminating the manual process, time spent and helps users to make informed decisions.


Helps to track location and time

The field executive’s app helps to know the location and time of work being done by the executives. Live updates help in decision making and better utilisation of resources. It can reduce your backlog and improve its management. With GPS technology, managers are aware when an assigned task begins and ends in real-time. The process becomes easier interactive and adds value to the company.


Inventory updated

While managing a field workforce there is need to monitor the inventory. Live updates of the inventory helps the field executives with sales and service tasks to place orders and close tickets as the case may has a positive impact on productivity and efficiency of the teams at field.

Benefit to Manager

  • Easy to assign new jobs and update tasks to field sales/service executives and in real-time
  • Quickly update all data obtained help generate various reports via the software application

Benefit to Field Staff

  • Access to information anytime, anywhere, on-the-go about tasks and customers
  • Instantly record and update data to analyse and generate reports later.