Invoicing & Payment Management

Invoicing and Payment Management for On-Field Employee

Revenue generation is an essential activity in a business to generate income. With regard to revenue generation, it is important for any organization to manage the Invoicing and Payment aspects of the company in their area of work. The company needs the ability to track and analyse the overall revenue flow to manage finances and profitability. In the case of field-oriented businesses, managers will have to track the executives in the field in order to manage invoicing and payments. To support this requirement, field-related financial transactions and activities are digitalized and recorded using the software with access for field executives via the mobile app.

Invoicing and Payment Management for On-Field Employee

Invoicing & Payment Management Module Features

Achieve Invoice & payment in single click


Invoicing & tracking with the software

Trinetra iWay’s mobile field force solution makes it easy and convenient to raise and share estimates and invoices for customers, executives and managers. Field staff may be burdened with tasks related to raising invoices and financial estimation that may be for every month or maybe every day. This invoicing & payment management module in the field service billing software, helps to automate many parts of the process to make their tasks much quicker and easier using the interface and clicking on the customised format for invoice and email. Track invoices from anywhere and at any time with flexibility. Cater to overdue invoices in one view (dashboard) to send reminders to accounts with outstanding payments.


Managing Payments

There may be different payments methods adopted by a company to pay their customers or suppliers. Purchase of goods or services has a process usually, after the invoice is raised and received, and based on the confirmation by customer or employee. Typically, the remittance of goods or services is received after payment advice is sent to the supplier/vendor. The company’s process is customized within the field service invoicing software so that all tasks involved in managing payments become easier, more efficient, and transparent.




Payment tracking

Payment tracking is easier with this field force management app, as it can be managed directly from the app and web interface. Using field force invoicing & billing software, track all your payment related queries and updates, tag your users based on the payment status, filter and monitor pending payments and bad debts. Real time mobile app notifications on the go for payment dues improves the Cash in-flow highly.


Multiple invoicing

Multiple invoicing can be done simultaneously using the field force billing & invoicing management app. Select multiple work orders completed, via this software to invoice them easily in one shot, without raising separate invoices. Users get a smooth and hassle-free way to do business.

Benefit to Manager

  • Reduce the time between a customer request and delivery.
  • Improve utilisation of resources and assets.
  • Can generate insight analytical reports to estimate the business revenue.
  • Team revenue generation and cash in-flow will be increased

Benefit to Field Staff

  • Scale up invoicing and payments without additional back office support.
  • No time lost on results of poor scheduling decisions.
  • Can generate instant invoices easily after the task completion.

Customized Feature

3rd Party API integration