Real time Location Update with Availability status

Field Technician’s Real Time Location Update with Availability status

The real time location update module in the mobile field force application helps to schedule or reschedule customer visits for each field representative quickly. The managers can also view locations on the digital map, monitor the actual visits by geo-proofs from team members’ check-ins in each of the locations and can access to instantly update data and analyse their performance and results.

Real time Location Update with Availability status

Real Time Location Update Module Features

Track Field Employees in Real Time


Travel History of the Executive in History Page

With the help of the History Page on the field force management software application, the Travel History of the executive is monitored with location updates by both managers and the executives online. Monitor history of travel to know real time and various other locations visited by field executive on a day.


Actual Vs Planned Duration for customer visits on Schedule History page

Field staff can see their entire day plan on their smartphone screen via the app and find plans adjusted to various factors like traffic and new data inputs from different sources and managers. The Schedule History page when updated with location data will reflect the Actual Vs Planned Duration of each customer visit done by the executive. Executives can input the details on-the-go.



Comprehensive Reports with scheduling option

The field force scheduling mobile app can be used to file comprehensive reports with location updates and availability status from anywhere, with the scheduling option built into it to facilitate better planning.


Target Vs Achievement Graphical Reports

The achievements of a field executive can be often difficult to be put into words. The best way is to provide data evidence or records with the help of the mobile field force management app. Target vs achievement can be generated as a graphical report to get better insights on performance.


Scheduling increases customer visit count

Using the field force mobile app managers can optimise the schedules of field executive. This enables them to allocate right job to right field executive with real-time visibility of on-field team and improve client visit count that results in better business revenue.

Benefits to Manager

  • Ablate to view real-time Location Update with Availability status of field executive.
  • Helps to deploy effectively the Field Force Teams with instant work assignment

Benefits to Field Staff

  • Instant access to information on-the-go regarding tasks and customers
  • Get circular/notifications from company instantly at field