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Expense Management

The Expense Management module in Trinetra iWay’s field staff management software empowers field team to record, claim and approve expenses via the software application. It helps the employee or field executive to manage and report their daily expenses while doing their field job for the company. Finance team of the company can easily maintain daily record of their business expenses by tracking receipts & managing invoices through expense tracking software, it also allows them to generate expense reports and reimburse their business expensive.

Expense Management

Expense Management Module Features

Improve Business Financial Health with On-Field Expense Management Software


Expense Approval

With the help of the expense management feature in Trinetra iWay’s mobile application, the expense approvals can be done on real-time without delays. It benefits both the field executive on field and the manager as the details are automatically saved, processed to release reimbursements quickly and are retrievable at later point of time.


Expense details additions

This mobile expense management software provides flexibility for field employees to enter their expenses details to the existing entries which saves time and prevent omissions.


Category based expenses addition

Category based expenses addition can be also included in the expense management portfolio with images upload ie. Categories like petrol, accommodation, food, etc. and additional categories can be added specific to industry vertical like camp expenses for hospital industry.


Rejecting the expenses with reason

There is provision for rejecting the expenses and assign the reason for rejection in the module. This helps in more transparency and clarity in the expense management process.


Photograph Upload Option

Photographs of expense receipts can be uploaded which is add-on feature in mobile expense management application for field team. Expense Management module offers facilities for expense report creation, report submission, approval, reimbursement, and also accounting. It removes manual paperwork with an automated workflow to help track and submit expense receipts easily and digitally in the application.

Key Benefits of Expense Management module

  • Reduce manual errors and delays in the whole process
  • Fast and simple process on a digital format reduces time and costs
  • Faster repayments to employees improves morale
  • Improved visibility and transparency of process
  • Improves efficiency in operations of the field executives
  • Simplifies reporting at all levels
  • Expense policy compliance across the department
  • Prevents fraudulent practices

Customized Feature

3rd Party API integration