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Schedule Management

Daily job schedule management can help in allocating the right job to the suitable field executive on time. It can help in managing multiple jobs simultaneously. But an incorrect scheduling process can make the loss of revenue and chaos as an outcome.

A clear schedule will minimize conflicts, reduce time wastage and establish better customer service. This is the most important reason why organizations prefer dynamic scheduling systems. Handling multiple orders, changes can be done efficiently with the help of a dynamic scheduling system.

Trinetra iway’s field force schedule management software helps to schedule tasks to the right resource, by taking into account factors like a priority, proximity, and availability to perform the tasks.


Ad hoc Scheduling

Ad hoc scheduling refers to process of assigning shifts to the field technicians sporadically on their working calendar days. One or more shifts are directly assigned from a rotation plan to a specific day of a given month, but not all days of the month. Using Trinetra iway’s field force schedule planning software is easier to plan ad hoc shift changes, having access to the field staff’s location in real-time, and considering the availability and skills of the executive, to assign orders and plans.

Field Sales Management

Scheduling Module Functions

Improve Scheduling Process with Field Force Scheduling Management Software


Get an overall view of all field executives schedules

The intuitive dashboard helps to visualize work assigned across the on-field teams, all at once. Also, view every field executive’s schedule to find any conflicts or gaps in scheduling.


Group field executives based on relevant skill-set

With the field staff scheduling software, you can organize field force members into groups based on their skill, domain & experience, to let you easily assign tasks or close tickets.


Assign the right job to the right-field executive

Having all the field executives’ calendars in one place assists the field force managers to assign the right job for the right person. Field operation managers require all kinds of information, like the field employee’s current schedule, or workload assigned, to allocate the best person for each job.


Tracking the scheduled jobs in real-time

Sometimes a last-minute request could disrupt an entire day’s schedule. Our app lets field technicians or sales representatives get real-time job updates via alerts on their smart mobile.

Key Benefits



Save Your Time

Using the scheduling module helps the field service/sales head save time in responding to a service or sales call and also get customer location info on time.




Satisfy Your Customers

On-time visits and improved field operations lead to a better customer experience.




Reduce Operational Costs

Better scheduling avoids repeated site visits, results in better planning of service or sales, improves logistical operations and eliminates unnecessary expenses.


Customized Feature

3rd Party API integration