Real time Alerts & Notifications

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications to Field Staff

To ensure that field executives are updated with all information, there is a standard feature of Alerts & Notifications in the software. Field staff using the app are updated with sales calls or service tickets, emergency service requests, changes in schedules, etc. The Real-Time Alerts & Notifications module improves productivity by keeping field staff aware of schedules and managers to monitor & re-plan their work schedules.

Real Time Alerts and Notifications

Real-Time Alerts & Notification Module Features

Notify field employees with instant updates


Trigger Alerts & Notifications

Managers can notify field staff about any emergencies or important milestones by setting up automatic alerts, notifications and reminders set regular alerts for employee and Available/Engaged status, schedule visit/duration deviation, customer feedback, ongoing ticket status, etc. to ensure managers have a bird’s eye view of the field team. The type and frequency can be customized as preferred. The mobile app support ensures the field staff is updated when on the move, or even when offline.


Broadcast Messages

This module helps to broadcast messages and notifications to field executives of different departments across territories as per needs. You can enhance communications with staff and customers with the module.


Benefits to the Manager

  • Managers can improve the team’s daily target achievement with quick communication.
  • Helps in better utilization of field executives and assets.
  • Improves the first-time fix rate with quick support.
  • Better Productivity of the field sales/service team.

Benefits to the Field Staff

  • Easy to Scale-up business without additional back-office staff
  • Quick proactive action steps against the high priority schedules like payment collection within due.

Customized Feature

3rd Party API integration