Field Sales Management

Field Sales Management

Smarter Field Sales Management Software

Field Salesforce Management Software provide customized technology solution to overcome the challenges faced on managing field sales team & helps you to improve sales employee productivity. Features of the salesman tracking solution helps you streamline daily customer visits as per the scheduled plan, and more. By storing all business related data in a centralised place you can leverage them and make business decisions, faster. With this smart & user-friendly mobile application, create an efficient field force and enhance sales staff performance

Field Force Management Solution Increases customer visits and sales revenue

  • Optimise the schedules of business development executive
  • Allocate right job to right field executive with real-time visibility of marketing team
  • Capture sales orders and collections
  • Improves collaboration between different teams
  • Quick Assignment and follow-up on customer contacts
  • Access and monitor multiple executive’s sales performance data
  • Collect, share and send sales customer data across teams
Field Sales Management

With the Trinetra iWay mobile field force application you can schedule or reschedule visits for each business development representative quickly. View locations on the map, monitor the actual visits by geo-proofs from field sales team check-ins in each of the locations, get access to instantly update the data, and analyse the efficiency of your Mobile sales team.

Key Advantages

Businesses can gain with Trinetra iWay Field Sales Employee Monitoring App

Field Sales Management

Track field sales on the go

New customer information, product enquiries, and new business orders can be noted by the sales representatives while they are at the customer’s location. Get to know the real-time status of all pending tasks against each customer, such as order delivery and pending payments, etc., through our field sales team management app.

Field Sales Management

Easy order taking app for sales rep

Easily manage all assignments, related specifications, and additional agreements with Trinetra iWay application. Get customer feedback, keep track of work order details and history of amendments. Receive orders from a mobile device instantly and assign executives to perform the task from the very moment. The system will help to monitor the field workforce team and to quickly assign tasks based on priority.

Field Sales Management

Improve on-field sales team performance analysis

One of the essential field sales management software parameters that help in performing tasks to make the right improvements and strategies for business betterment. Tracking the performance of sales executives in the aspects of their target closure, job status submission, reporting and etc., gives a clear picture of how efficient a field sales executive is. With these insights, business owners can retain top performers and turn mid-level performers into better performers.

Managing a field force requires the right management solution for assigning the right field sales executive in place is important, this helps executives to follow a sales plan, to measure and plan tasks appropriately. Are you a business owner? Do you have a plan to train your executives as they work to achieve better results? Contact Trinetra iWay, with our customizable mobile field sales force automation solution measure what your executives are doing to execute results, and ultimately you will be in a position to reap many business benefits!

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  • Unable to know field executive’s current location
  • No clear forecast on monthly sales revenue
  • Unable to know customer feedbacks
  • No business centric reports
  • No quick reimbursement of expenses
  • Not able to allocate jobs on-the-go
  • No proactive planning
  • Unable to adhere to planned customer visit count


  • Monitor and history to know real time location
  • Schedule history with feedbacks and ratings
  • Instant customer feedback with image and star ratings
  • Target vs achievement graphical reports
  • Productive expense management
  • Allocate right job to right person on-the-go from mobile app
  • Efficient schedule management with purpose
  • Advance business tour plan to double-up daily customer visit counts


For Field Sales Representatives

  • Register attendance remotely from the field and avoid office commute
  • Report activity live from device/phone, submit sales report
  • Real-time updates on sales meeting
  • Review activities against task given by manager
  • Get circular/notifications from company on device instantly
  • Record of daily activity report as proof of journey
  • Plan and get your travel directions for visits accordingly

For Field Sales Manager

  • Deploy effectively the Sales Force with instant work assignment
  • Record working hours & activity of sales rep with location & visit data
  • Helps to assign targets on daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Continuously monitor sales performance with customer visit data
  • Updated Sales statistics for planning and strategy

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Customization Support

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Ongoing Updates

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