Maximized Productivity of Electricians with Best Field Service Management App

  • Empower your workforce on electrical projects and electrical tasks with a digital application.
  • Install the ideal software and mobile app for your electrical service or contracting business.
  • Monitor and manage projects, jobs and personnel remotely from start to finish with accountability.

We are known as a premier Field Service Management (FSM) software provider, with an application dedicated to electrical service providers and electricians. It helps in optimizing their on-site and field operations to deliver service excellence. Trinetra’s FSM solution is equipped with advanced functionalities, providing real-time tracking, with an intuitive interface, that ensures efficient management of field technicians, service requests, inventory, and finances for a team.

The real-time tracking feature empowers businesses to oversee electricians’ location, their work schedules, and progress. This ensures prompt response and service delivery. Moreover, the inventory management module minimizes stock-outs, reduces waste, and promotes service quality.
The field service application with relevant modules can adeptly handle Annual Maintenance Contracts, including order tracking and renewals, and enable scheduling preventative maintenance and other tasks specific to electrical services.

The field service software employs role-based permissions, ensuring secure data access to personnel. Customer management features contain data handling, service requests, feedback management, and custom service reports and related invoices. Our software’s comprehensive functionalities empower our users in electrical service businesses and contractors to boost efficiency, and service excellence, cut costs and offer better customer satisfaction.

Empowering the Application with Real-Time Tracking Capabilities and Features:

GPS Technology & Online Tracking

Harness GPS technology for live location tracking of electricians and field technicians, ensuring effective work progress monitoring and punctual service delivery. Real-time tracking enhances resource allocation and customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Feature

A customized mobile app empowers electricians and technicians at field to access job details on the go and track progress in real-time, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Seamless Communication

Real-time communication streamlines coordination among electricians, office staff, and customers, expediting issue resolution.

Job Status Updates

Instantly update job statuses using the software, facilitating tracking for office staff, managers and customers alike.

Other Versatile Features of the Electrical Service Management Solution:

Attendance & Leave Management

Efficiently oversee field staff attendance and leaves for calculating compensation, payroll, and compliance, simplifying shift tracking. Eliminate manual and paper work.

Expense Management

Empower the on field service teams to record, claim, and approve expenses via the software, strengthening financial control across the department.

Invoicing & Payment Management

Optimize revenue generation by managing invoicing and payments effectively, monitoring overall revenue flow for improved financial control and planning.

Schedule Management

Enhance job scheduling for timely assignment to suitable electricians and technicians, averting confusion and revenue loss. Rescheduling also can be done in real time.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Provide real-time alerts to keep electricians updated on customer calls, service requests, and schedule changes, enhancing productivity.

Instant Customer Feedback

The communication between field staff and managers via the app helps instant Customer Feedback to be inputted which can help build better customer relationship and loyalty. This info can be used for evaluation and training purposes by Field Service Managers.

Order Management

Evaluate field team performance to forecast monthly revenue and plan effectively for orders and service requests.

Real-time Location Update with Availability Status

Swiftly schedule customer visits with real-time location updates, monitoring check-ins on a digital map for prompt analysis and planning availability of resources.

Dashboard & Reports

Access tickets, work details, charts and relevant reports through an intuitive dashboard, facilitating informed decision-making and reporting.

Unlock the potential of field force, optimizing your on-field operations. Elevate your electrical services and project management with advanced technology and efficient work management, potentially tripling annual revenue generation!

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