Trinetra iWay is now integrated with Mobile Calendar for Quick Scheduling and Notification on Tasks

Trinetra iWay is now integrated with Mobile Calendar for Quick Scheduling and Notification on Tasks

Recently schedule management option in Trinetra iWay is made more informative where users can access the details of the client and can view their history of visit status along with feedbacks and reviews. This helps the user to predict tasks before assigning it to the respective executives. Trinetra iWay’ s History module has also been enhanced with a preview option for managers to view the attachment and signature provided by the customer as a feedback.

Trinetra iWay use cutting-edge service technologies behind the scenes, and this puts us at an advantage over our competitors. Our solutions are accurate and efficient and helps to serve our clients with cost-effectiveness and better service quality.

Today Many businesses need employees to complete projects that has to be completed as a team. At some point employees working together as a team has many benefits, including the possibility of better communication, accomplishment and distribution of responsibilities. These sales force team often work in other areas, not under proper supervision. Such scenarios create management gray areas, where managers can’t predict the job status and possible risks. Field workers, on the other hand have no clue on the further assignments. Sales task assignment hierarchy is based on once an executive is out on the field, the next task assignment can only be planned after field force report back.

In these scenarios sales force automation helps to monitor and keep in track of on-field executives and note of their progress at finger tips.
Recently Trinetra iWay is integrated with mobile calendar for quick scheduling and notification on tasks. This feature greatly helps in maintaining project schedules and task allocation among executives, also improves customer satisfaction with timely support.

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