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Learn How to Empower your Service Team with flexible Mobility Solution for Customer Delight

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Enhance Cost Savings & Reduce Operational Risks with Digital Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple vendors for different needs is not so easy, for this we have to leverage on a vendor management tool that helps drive more value out of vendor relationships. By installing this Vendor Management Software OEM companies can digitally maintain all contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain visibility & drive efficiency

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  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vendor Management Software

    Is there any possibility of updating comments from executives end after coming out of customer location?

    Yes, Our Mobility Solutions have the option of getting instant feedbacks from the client after each and every call completed. After getting the feedbacks from the customer, the sales & service executive can update his feedback separately in which the actual mistake with justification can be provided by the executives.

    Is there any possibility of take the past history of the solutions provided from the mobile app?

    Yes, the field executives can take the past history to know the solution that has been provided earlier for the customer. Trinetra iWay’s Mobile Fieldforce Management Software will help the sales & Service team executive to close the tickets easily with quick turn around time. This will help mostly to close repeated tickets quickly.

    Is there any possibility of updating the open service request by the sales executives to service executives directly through mobile app?

    Yes, Sales executive can raise the open tickets to the service technicians over mobile app for which both sales and service persons should be using Trinetra iway mobile app. The sales executive can raise the open ticket to service technicians with impact on the sales order closure also which will result in high revenue generation for your company.

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