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How Location based Mobility Solution is revolutionizing on-field sales & service industry- Series 1

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Enhance Cost Savings & Reduce Operational Risks with Digital Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple vendors for different needs is not so easy, for this we have to leverage on a vendor management tool that helps drive more value out of vendor relationships. By installing this Vendor Management Software OEM companies can digitally maintain all contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain visibility & drive efficiency

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  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vendor Management Software

    Will the application work in rural areas where there is only 2G network?

    Trinetra on field staff management app provides the application with restrictions and automatic enabling of all the pre-requisites like GPS, GPRS and battery optimization and the location will be received in 2G,3G and 4G networks. Trinetra as a GPS location based service provider is experienced to 8 years and we are always planning to provide the best to our customers and work towards the client satisfaction which lead us to do effective tweaks, changes and releases based on the version changes and other trending market difficulties.

    Can we add the POB list in the data management?

    We believe POB is Place of Business. There is an option in the solution to maintain places of interest. In this regard, client places, head office, branch office, etc. can be marked and even receive notifications once the executive reaches there.

    We are having 300 executives and each executive will be meeting minimum of 10 customers per day, so the total customer meetings per month will be minimum of 90,000 customer visits. How capable is your application to handle these huge data?

    Trinetra Mobile Resource Mananagement App provides the web-based application with a cloud computing solution which will be having high capability to handle huge number of data with instant updates over your assets. Historical information can be retrieved from the application in data format which will be useful for your future decision making based on data analysis received from the software

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