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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Field Force Management

Can we monitor daily visit expenses like travelling allowances on geo fencing basis?

Yes, our on field schedule management app can do daily visit schedule , reaching client location on provided time and spending time inside Client location can be monitored, even as per your need we can also get the total distance travelled and location information to cross verify and reimburse

Can we get the expenses reports on daily basis automatic to my email id?

Yes we can , we also have Report Scheduling option to know the expenses claimed by the on-field executives and we can receive this report automatically to our email using which the calculation of the expenses reimbursement can be done quickly.

We are unable to know that the executive had went to the customer location or not though they have given a schedule plan at that location. Is there any possibility of take the update that the executive went to the customer location or not?

Trinetra Mobility Solutions provides the comprehensive landmark module where the customer locations can be marked as landmarks in circular format, so if the executive reaches the customer location then the landmark name will be displayed in the report through which you can confirm that the executive had went to the customer location as per the plan given.

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