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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Field Force Management

Is there any possibility of report scheduling to the official mail id?

Yes, Scheduling of reports available in our Fieldforce management software where the reports can be scheduled to the users email id by selecting the type of reports, various report criteria and the recipients to whom the selected reports should be scheduled. These reports can be exported in PDF, Excel & Word formats. The user can schedule the reports to be received in regular intervals (Daily, Weekly or Monthly), as per the requirement.

For executive daily commitment of taking orders and value can be included in this?

Yes, our Mobileapp for fieldforce management solutions, targets can be set for executives to attend to a no. of clients or service calls. Their performance can also be measured on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provide rewards based on their performance.

If the executive have some discrepancy like mobile not reachable and battery drain how cn be identified?

The alarm notification will be great breakthrough. If an asset is having some problem like battery drained, no GPS conditions the portal will get an immediate alert with the location.

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