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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Field Force Management

Is there any possibility of grouping the customer based on the priority?

We know that customer are the king and the solution that we provide to you is also a customer focus, as primarily we work towards the customer satisfaction always. The categorization of the customer can be done with the priority like high, warm and low. You can categorize the customer into dealer, farmer, distributor, retailer and any other field to be added means that can be also supported with Mobile Resource Management App.

We have an internal business rule that the dealer/farmer should be visited by the respective executive thrice or twice per month and it depends based on the priority of the customer. Is it can be done in your application?

Yes we can generate the sales team task management reports at the end of the day that how many times the visit has been done for each and every dealer/farmer by the respective executive. Fieldforce Mangement App report can be generated in pdf, excel and word formats for which we have named it as dealer/farmer visit details report. The report can be scheduled to the email id also from the portal application.

Is there any possibility of grouping the customer based on the executives who meet them?

The grouping of the customer can be done based on the branches and the field executives which will be useful to avoid unnecessary clashes between sales & service team executives.

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