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Supercharge your fertiliser business with mobility solutions: 5 steps to increase RoI from your field force teams – Series 2

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Enhance Cost Savings & Reduce Operational Risks with Digital Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple vendors for different needs is not so easy, for this we have to leverage on a vendor management tool that helps drive more value out of vendor relationships. By installing this Vendor Management Software OEM companies can digitally maintain all contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain visibility & drive efficiency

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  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Force Management

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vendor Management Software

    Is there any possibility of integrating our product broucher with Trinetra mobile app?

    Yes, We can provide a separate add-on module in Trinetra iWay mobile app to redirect to your broucher which is saved in your mobile as softcopy. If the broucher to be sent to client’s email id then we can provide the same as a add-on option based on your need and requirement.

    If the field executive have some discrepancy like mobile not reachable and battery drain how can be identified?

    The alarm notification will be great breakthrough. If field executives an asset is having some problem like battery drained, no GPS conditions the Mobility Solutions portal will get an immediate alert with the location.

    Is there any possibility of sending bulk notifications to all the field executives?

    Yes, Trinetra iWay Mobile Fieldforce Management App provide a module called News management where you can send the bulk notifications to the executives who work on-field and the same will be useful for the executives to close the order on-the table from client location itself.

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